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This was a special wing review as it happened to be on the same day as mine and my Wife's 2nd wedding anniversary. Though we were there to celebrate, wings were available, so a review was a must.

CHIANTI GRILL is an Italian Restaurant located in Burnsville, MN. The restaurant resides right off of Highway 42 & Plymouth Rd.

Quick Review of the Restaurant:

  • Atmosphere was phenomenal. Dinner seating was great, the bar area was really nice, and the staff was top notch.

  • My wife had one of their pasta dishes and I had the Margherita flatbreads. Both were very well done.

  • This is a great place for a family gathering, a couples date night, or a special outing like an Anniversary or a Graduation.


Style of Wings Available:

  • Since this is an Italian Restaurant, Wings are not on the top of this restaurants priority. They are not even located on the main menu. Its only listed in a separate menu where the Appetizers and Cocktail options are.

  • Traditional Wings were the only option and it did not show the amount of wings you get - only the price.

  • The one unique spin they put on there wings is that they are "Twice Baked" Not sure what that really means - but it lead for a crispy exterior

(I forgot to take the picture of the wings beforehand - so what you see on the left is not an accurate depiction of the amount you get)


  • CHANTI only offers one flavor of sauce - Buffalo

  • It might of been because it was twice baked, but it didn't fell that there was a ton of buffalo sauce applied to the wings.

  • I would of loved to have a bit more applied.


  • The flavor profile was really good - I'd I actually gave it a "Unique" rating.

  • The wings themselves were not spicy at all. You could sort of taste the buffalo sauce, but only a hint of it. What was really cool is there was a bit of smokiness to them. I gave it a "Not Spicy at all."

  • The exterior of the wings had a great amount of crisp and the meat was perfectly temped. Not fall of the bone, but definitely tender.


  • The price of the wings were -- $12.95.

  • The picture on the right shows the price but not the amount of wings you get for them.

  • I ended up getting 8 wings. In my opinion - i would give this an "overpriced" rating. That said, it was a moderately upscale restaurant with an Italian focus - so i was not surprised.


  • I ended up giving these a rating of 8.5

  • Crispiness of the wings and the uniqueness of the flavor profile were the two main contributing factors here.

  • definitely not the 1st place I'm going for wings. I really would of loved to have a bit more sauce and few more options.

  • Overall - for being an Italian restaurant were wings are a major staple - quite impressed by these. If you find yourself there during date night or after graduation - would recommend a try!

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