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Anyone who knows me, knows I've been an avid lover of wings my entire adult life. Always the first thing I get if I'm at a restaurant for dinner with my wife, or at bar for happy hour with friends.  

In February of 2020 I started training for my 2nd marathon after a 4 year break in running. Running very quickly became a passion of mine, where now I consistently train and will run multiple marathons each year. Though I don't go very fast, its a great work out, extremely rewarding, and allows me to reward myself with more wings. 

Over the past year, after a long run, I have loved to treat myself with a few wings. Recently a thought occurred as I was biting into a wing.... "I wonder what place has the best wings?" This is how Running 4 Wings was started.

In this blog I will be reviewing wings from different restaurants & bars to give you insight into who truly holds the crown for the best wings out there! 

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