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The Fremont Restaurant & Bar

This was my first time at this spot. Its located in Uptown Minneapolis in Minnesota. This corner spot is positioned right down the street from the local hot spots like Stella's Fish Café & Prestige Oyster Bar and the Cowboy Slims.

From what the website shows it looks like as it gets later in the evening it transitions from less of a restaurant to more of a night life bar. We luckily got there early enough where it wasn't very crowded and the atmosphere was rather casual.

The overall menu was very Burger, Appetizer, and Wing heavy (which obviously I'll dive deeper into in a second). That said, it did have decent basket variety from Tacos, Chicken & waffles, burritos, and wraps.

Alright let me get to the reason your here - THE WINGS

  • Options:

    • I was very pleased to see the amount and variety of sauces/spice level they had as an option. Below is a snap shot of all the options they had. I ended up going with the Fire Sauce which was a level 4 on their scale. It ultimately didn't end up being that hot. If I were to compare it something, maybe a small notch above a classic buffalo flavor.

  • Price:

    • If you look at the same snapshot above it shows the price ranges. They offer a half pound which ends up to be 6 or 7 wings, and also full pound which ends up being more like 12 or 13 wings. I would say for the amount of wings you get for their price levels would be slightly on the higher end for the respective amounts, but on par for what you would expect for being in Minneapolis.

  • Taste:

    • The overall crispiness of the wing and flavor profile I would say was good, but not great.

    • The meat itself was great, perfect temp and the chicken was perfectly tender

    • The Fire Sauce was a bit underwhelming considering the title but overall, but overall I gave it a "Sorta Hot"


    • I gave the Fremont Wings an overall rating of 8.4

    • I would recommend this place to others. It seems like a good spot for a Happy Hour with friends, but not the spot for a dinner date with a significant other.

    • The big highlight for The Fremont wings was their amount of flavor/spice level options. One could easily come here every Saturday for multiple months and never have the same wing twice. For a bar/restaurant that's not Buffalo Wild Wings to have that many different options - was definitely great to see.

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