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Zombie Catchers APK: Join A.J. and Bud in Their Zombie Business Empire

Zombie Catchers is a free mobile action-adventure game developed by Two Men and a Dog. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this game will have you hunt and catch zombies. However, unlike typical zombie games, you won't use your guns. Instead, you will use harpoons.

More than hunting zombies, Zombie Catchers also challenges you to run your business. Here, you will be making and selling smoothies. The ingredients, the zombies you caught. Of course, you can use the proceeds on better equipment, new weapons, and baits. Be warned, though: The game is prone to glitching and comes with lots of ads.

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Zombie Catchers offers a fun take on the usual zombie gameplay. While tons of zombie games use the undead as predators, here, they are the prey. It stars two intergalactic businessmen named A.J. and Bud, who hunt zombies and use them as raw materials for the food they sell in their restaurant. In their clandestine laboratory, they squeeze their prey to make juices, candies, and dishes.

There are two missions in the game. On the one hand, you will manage your business. On the other, you will look for the ingredients of your recipe, which are zombies. For this, go to the map and send drones to find them. Once you mark an area, you can hunt them using your traps and harpoons. You can also bait them by throwing brains at them.

Overall, Zombie Catchers is an entertaining casual game that brings a refreshing twist to the zombie genre. The gameplay is simple and very original. The graphics are also eye-catching. However, the missions for every level are too easy to complete. Moreover, there aren't that many stages offered. The app is also prone to glitches, and there are too many ads to the game.

When participating in any action-adventure game, you should also prepare yourself with a smart mind to come up with strategies to act. Especially with this game, try to come up with the most strategies with your smart brain to set traps. To hunt down all the dirty zombies and bring peace to the earth. To be able to succeed in that mission, it is impossible to ignore the support of advanced weapons, especially powerful Javelin launchers. In addition, you can also unlock many different weapons if you achieve good results in the missions. It can be nets, traps, weapons, jets, and more.

Players must take advantage of every opportunity to get rich when participating in Zombie Catchers. You can earn money when you kill zombies, and that money is from the government for the bravest. Besides, the fact that you use zombies as ingredients to make delicious food to serve customers and make profits from it is also not prohibited. Zombies can be processed into juices, candies, and many other delicious dishes. Thereby, players can also build an empire of delicious food and serve their customers. Hire employees and upgrade production lines to expand and gain more profits.

Unlike other games, this game gives you a whole new perspective on zombies. That is, you will use zombies as ingredients to make delicious dishes. To be able to expand their business, players should use unique vehicles such as drones for hunting zombies around the world. When you collect many unique zombies, your rank also increases, and that means players can get lots of new plutonium and unique outfits for their characters.

Zombie Catchers is an adventure action platformer. Nobody likes zombies. Neither people nor animals. Even the aliens and those opened the hunt for them. The hero of the game, for whom you will play, took out his grandfather's harpoon and went in search of the running dead. Help him to do this by running along the platforms and shooting from a gun. The more zombies you catch, the more points you ea, and these are additional weapons, upgrades and a lot of bonuses. The game will please you with interesting challenges, excellent visual component and comfortable controls, a lot of interesting gadgets and equipment for fishing, as well as the opportunity to improve the city.

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk have been a popular topic for movie producers and game developers in recent years. They are inherently human, but they have turned into walking corpses and have lost consciousness due to a strange virus. The sole goal of a zombie is to eat people and spread their disease. They become a threat and a terror to humans.

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The context of the story is the zombie epidemic raging in 2050. As a result, both the earth and human life have been severely harmed. However, in this era, humans began to make friends and trade with aliens. Besides, the alien's favorite food is zombie products. With the desire to make a lot of money, players will become hunters to sell zombies to aliens.

In this game, you will take the role of one in two characters: A.J or Bud. These are two aliens who want to capture zombies for profit. Your mission is to find places where zombies are hiding. Then you set traps (remember zombies love to eat human brains) and wait. When the zombies emerge from their cave, you must shoot them. Each mission in the game requires you to catch a certain number of zombies, so make sure you meet that goal to complete the level.

After that, you can bring zombies back to your spaceship. Then you will make many different dishes or drinks from zombies. Unlike the scary zombies in the movies, the zombies in this game are pretty shy and always manage to elude the hunters.

Some zombie catchers hack may throw rocks or sticks at you, making your hunting more difficult. If you encounter these zombies, find a place to hide, wait for them to throw stones and then catch them.

At some levels, there will be some animals like snakes and bats that make it difficult for your journey. As a result, before you begin hunting zombies, you should destroy them with guns and spears. Furthermore, killing these animals allows you to earn more money.

Even though Zombie Catcher is a zombie-themed game, there are no frightening visuals. When you see the images in the game, you will undoubtedly be surprised. Everything is bright and cheerful. The zombies in the game are very cute and quite stupid.

It features 2D graphics, a simple console, and adorable music. If you're looking for a game to play after a long and stressful day at work, this is a great option. Are you ready to open a cafe serving zombie food and beverages?

If you're tired of running away from zombies in other games, try this one. It will help you get revenge on them and make you feel better. Besides, with the unlimited money feature from the mod apk of zombie catchers version, you can unlock and upgrade everything with a massive amount of money.

In a certain future, the Earth was destroyed by a violent zombie wave. The entire green planet has been infected with a zombie epidemic. In despair, humanity has come to know two characters who may be the last ray of hope for human civilization. A.J. and Bud, two famous entrepreneurs in the galaxy, accidentally stop by Earth and decide to take advantage of the pandemic to start a new business.

After catching zombies, lock them in large and small cages, then quickly bring them to the secret underground laboratory, wash them, put them in giant presses, add spices and flavorings, and mix and crush them into a special energy drink. Some other special zombies are suitable for making candy and cakes and snacks. Depending on the type and inspiration, you create many different nutritional items from the main ingredient of Earth zombies.

Your business empire, which is already famous, is now becoming more and more popular with the appearance of special drinks and food from zombies. The more you sell, the more money you have, and the more unique new recipes you will open, attracting more customers. From there, upgrade the production line, expand the laboratory, and buy new zombie hunting gadgets such as nets, weapons, traps, guns, jet bags, and even drones to hunt and track and catch more zombies. At some point, it will help the Earth wipe out the zombie epidemic that is raging everywhere.

Zombie theme is one of the hottest topics in recent times. It has not only been turned into attractive movies, but also turned into interesting games by many people. Zombie Catchers Mod APK is a special zombie game that can bring a whole new gameplay to you. Accordingly, you will enjoy a completely different feeling of killing zombies. You do not need to participate in fierce battles or sweeps, but killing zombies will now become simpler. Instead of shooting, you just need to catch them like catching fish. If you want to know more about this mod, you can learn through the special sharing below!

Zombie Catchers Mod APK is one of the most popular and chosen zombie games today. The appeal of this game comes from their unique and novel gameplay. Accordingly, players can freely perform their zombie catching very leisurely. Instead of fighting tired and dangerous with crazy zombies, you can now catch them like fish. Although the fighting method changes slightly, you also need to use skills and tactics to kill more zombies.

Downloading Zombie Catchers APK Mod will definitely bring you many new experiences because of the fact that so far it has been difficult to find a mod with the same gameplay. In addition to catching zombies, players are also allowed to set up their own business company specializing in selling zombie juice. The previously scary zombies will become raw materials for you to do business and earn extra income. Although the initial stage will certainly be difficult for you due to special circumstances, you will surely win if you try.

Zombie Catchers Mod Menu can really provide everything you want from emergency assistance to useful features. Accordingly, your story will become more diverse than ever with interesting missions. Not only do you have to catch the zombies safely, but you also need to turn them into attractive fruit juice ingredients. To catch zombies easier you can use some traps. If you complete the tasks smoothly, you can quickly level up. Zombie Catchers Mod APK Level 83 gives you more benefits but Zombie Catchers Level 100 Download is really the top.


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