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Echo Tokyo

Our plans for echo tokyo: reaper are now in place, the outline is finalised and so work on this game will begin as soon as echo tokyo: phoenix is finished and ready for release. in the meantime we may have the artist start working on the illustration scenes that we know will be needed as well as have the background artist create new backgrounds, such as the keiji apartment background already created:

Echo Tokyo

Our original plan for echo tokyo: reaper has been found to be unsuitable, the character of Keiji is not compelling enough to center a whole story around and as such the design of this game has faltered a little. In the end rather than derail the game completely we have decided to make Echo Tokyo: Reaper a continuation of Shizumes story, following on from the first game to show her as she investigates and hunts a serial killer within the city. We are currently fleshing out the outline, once that is confirmed we will then complete the artwork and music and so forth over the next couple of months so that as soon as Phoenix is completed the writer/Developer can immediately begin on Echo Tokyo: Reaper, with the aim to complete it and release it by April 2019. 041b061a72


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