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UFO 99 APK: Experience the Thrill of Fighting Giant Bosses and Retrieving the Lost Gems

UFO 99 APK: A Fun and Colorful Flying Game for Android


  • What is UFO 99 APK and what does it offer?

  • Why should you download it and play it?

  • How to download and install it on your Android device?

Features of UFO 99 APK

  • Super Easy - Flying & Combat

  • Super Fun - Local Multiplayer Co-op Game

  • Super Healing - Character Gashapons

  • Super Relaxing - Play Anytime, Even For A Short Time

  • Super Exciting - Combat Giant Bosses

  • Super Rich - Special Power-up Items

  • Super Cute - Colorful Graphics

A Comparison Table of UFO 99 APK and Other Similar Games

Game NameRatingDownloadsMultiplayer ModeBoss Fights

UFO 99 APK4.3 stars10K+Yes (1-4 players)Yes

Jetski UFO Racing Game 3D: Jet Ski Water Surfing3.9 stars100K+NoNo

Flying Car Simulator: UFO Car Driving Games 20203.8 stars100K+NoNo

Flying Police Car Simulator: UFO Car Driving Game3.7 stars100K+NoNo

Flying Car Robot Transform War: Air Robot Games 3D4.0 stars10M+NoNo

Flying Car Shooting Game: Modern Car Games 20204.1 stars10M+NoNo

Flying Car Stunts On Extreme Tracks: Car Games 3D 4.0 stars 5M+ No No

User Reviews of UFO 99 APK

  • Marcus Martir: "I like the graphics, I like the sfx, I like the characters, I like the gameplay..."

  • idk a name: "I really like the game, but it would be better if there was an endless mode..."

  • :D: "This game is so fun and addictive! I love the different characters and power-ups..."

  • A Google user: "This game is awesome! It reminds me of old arcade games but with better graphics and sound..."

  • Jessica Lee: "This game is so cute and relaxing! I play it whenever I need a break from work or stress..."

Tips and Tricks for Playing UFO 99 APK Better

Tips and Tricks for Playing UFO 99 APK Better

  • How to speed up your UFO: Tap the screen repeatedly to accelerate your UFO and dodge obstacles and enemies. You can also use the boost item to get a temporary speed boost.

  • How to collect coins and gems: Coins and gems are scattered throughout the levels and can be used to buy new characters and power-ups. You can also get coins and gems by completing missions and achievements.

  • How to unlock new characters: There are over 30 different characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. You can unlock them by using the gashapon machine, which costs 100 coins per spin. You can also get some characters by completing special events or missions.

  • How to use power-ups: Power-ups are items that can help you in various ways, such as increasing your health, attack, defense, speed, or score. You can find them in the levels or buy them with gems. You can equip up to three power-ups at a time.

  • How to fight bosses: Bosses are giant enemies that appear at the end of each world. They have different attack patterns and weaknesses that you need to learn and exploit. You can damage them by shooting them with your UFO or using special items. You can also use the co-op mode to team up with other players and defeat them faster.


UFO 99 APK is a fun and colorful flying game for Android devices that offers a lot of features and challenges. You can fly your UFO through various worlds, collect coins and gems, unlock new characters and power-ups, fight giant bosses, and play with your friends in the local multiplayer co-op mode. The game has simple controls, cute graphics, relaxing music, and addictive gameplay. If you are looking for a game that can make you happy and heal your stress, you should definitely download UFO 99 APK and give it a try.

ufo 99 apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is UFO 99 APK free to play?

A: Yes, UFO 99 APK is free to play and download. However, it contains some in-app purchases that can enhance your gaming experience.

Q: How can I play UFO 99 APK with my friends?

A: UFO 99 APK has a local multiplayer co-op mode that allows you to play with up to four players on the same device. You just need to connect your device to a TV or a monitor via HDMI or wireless display, and then use your phone as a controller.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for UFO 99 APK?

A: UFO 99 APK requires Android 4.4 or higher and at least 100 MB of free storage space.

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Q: Where can I download UFO 99 APK?

A: You can download UFO 99 APK from the official website or from other trusted sources such as [APKPure] or [APKMirror].

Q: How can I contact the developers of UFO 99 APK?

A: You can contact the developers of UFO 99 APK by sending an email to or by following their social media accounts on [Facebook] or [Twitter].


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