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Game Maker Punch Out Rom Hack BEST

This game is very tough and got even harder in Master Ninja difficulty that was added post-launch. However, it's an excellent hack-and-slash that gave its contemporary, Devil May Cry, a run for its money. All three games in the second trilogy are challenging, but we'd start with the first and play them in order.

Game Maker Punch Out Rom Hack

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Returnal's AAA rogue-like gameplay surprised gamers, especially since Housemarque didn't pull any punches when it came to difficulty. Since the map changes each time you die, you can never get too comfortable. Even when you're at your strongest, navigating the game and taking down the aggressive inhabitants of Atropos continues to be challenging.

The development of Super Meat Boy coincided with a trend in the late 2000s centering around super hard side-scrollers, which included the romhack series Kazio Mario World and the indie game I Wanna Be the Guy. As a result, it's an incredibly difficult game, and you can expect to die over and over before things click and you manage to pass a level.


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