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Elearn: How to Access and Use It for Your 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The software is easy to operate and has a high level of usability. The intuitive operation system offers a very compact structure that makes it accessible even to the smallest machining staff. The KOMET GROUP primarily uses the program NUMROTO for large machining operations. The process can be used for large batches with tight deadlines. Thanks to the application, all of the numerous shops of the Group are unified under one operating system. All of the machines are centrally serviced by the KOMET SERVICE. KOMET SERVICE has always been a world-leading service provider for the KOMET GROUP.

2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Elearn

The KOMET GROUP relies on its NUMROTO software for all of its production processes. Thanks to the automatic matching, the system ensures that the software matches the correct tool to the part to be processed. This makes the size of the tool almost irrelevant. The software is easy to operate and has a high level of usability. It is intuitively operated and is especially suitable for small groups with tight deadlines.

  • NUMROTOplus offers a variety of functions. In addition to the tasks that are offered within the standard graphical user interface, these can also be reached via integrated dialog boxes. In NUMROTOplus the user can create a cutting path in the 3D-view. The software guides the user during the cutting process and collects all data.

  • The Numeric part of the program offers a variety of functions for the user to directly enter data. The geometry database can be updated and edited. The tool can be assigned to the part program, project or machine.

  • The Parametric Probe function enables the user to automatically measure the geometry of the tool. This function is particularly useful during a trial run.

  • Job Control controls the machine's automatic operation. Features including automatic cutting and milling feed paths, milling depth, etc. can be set.

  • The Job Configuration feature enables a fast and easy programming of the individual parameters of several functions, such as milling depth, cutting path length, etc.

  • The Accounting function can register all activity within the program. It can be interrupted, saved and restored.

  • The Simulation function serves to simulate milling and grinding processes. The CNC controller can be integrated, if required.


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