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Stanley Cowell Trio - Illusion Suite (1972)

Illusion Suite is an album by American pianist and composer Stanley Cowell recorded in 1972 and released on the ECM label. The album features Cowell on piano, Stanley Clarke on bass, and Jimmy Hopps on drums. The trio performs six original compositions by Cowell, ranging from the mellow "Maimoun" to the invigorating "Astral Spiritual".

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The album received positive reviews from critics, who praised the trio's technique, creativity, and synergy. Andrew Hamilton of AllMusic rated the album 4 stars, stating: "Cowell and Clarke display amazing technique ...and Hopps' impressionistic drumming is head clearing. ... Hopps plays as if he has four hands with a drumstick in each, Cowell's rolling piano chords are matched in fever by Clarke's bass work". The Rolling Stone Jazz Record Guide also gave the album a favorable rating.

The album is considered one of Cowell's best works and a highlight of his career. It showcases his versatility as a pianist and composer, as well as his ability to blend different styles and influences, such as post-bop, modal jazz, free jazz, and African music. The album also demonstrates the talents of Clarke and Hopps, who would later become prominent figures in jazz fusion and avant-garde jazz, respectively.

The album is available on Spotify , where you can listen to the tracks and enjoy the music of the Stanley Cowell Trio.


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