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Windows 8 Build 7989 Iso Download

Windows 8 Build 7989: A Rare and Unstable Version of Windows 8

Windows 8 was the eighth major release of Microsoft's Windows operating system, which introduced a new user interface based on tiles and touch gestures, as well as many other features and improvements. However, before Windows 8 was officially released to the public in October 2012, it went through several stages of development and testing, resulting in many different builds of the operating system. One of these builds was Windows 8 Build 7989, which was leaked online in June 2011 and became a popular topic among Windows enthusiasts and collectors.

Windows 8 Build 7989 was compiled on April 21, 2011, and was part of the winmain branch, which was the main development branch for Windows 8. It was one of the earliest builds of Windows 8 that featured the new Metro design language, which later became known as Modern UI. However, unlike the later builds, Windows 8 Build 7989 had a very incomplete and unstable implementation of the Metro interface, which made it difficult to use and prone to crashes. For example, the Start screen only had a few tiles, some of which did not work or had placeholder icons. The Charms bar, which was a new feature that provided access to system settings and functions, was also very buggy and sometimes did not appear at all. The desktop mode was still very similar to Windows 7, except for a few changes such as a new wallpaper and a hidden user tile on the taskbar.

Download Zip:

Because of its rarity and curiosity value, Windows 8 Build 7989 attracted many Windows fans who wanted to try it out and see how Windows 8 evolved over time. However, installing and running Windows 8 Build 7989 was not an easy task, as it required some special steps and modifications to make it work. For instance, the original ISO file of Windows 8 Build 7989 was corrupted and had to be fixed by using a tool called debomb. Moreover, the BIOS date of the computer or virtual machine had to be set to April 21, 2011 or earlier, otherwise the installation would fail. Additionally, some drivers and components had to be manually installed or updated to make the system more stable and functional.

Windows 8 Build 7989 is no longer widely available online, as most of the download links have been taken down or expired. However, some websites still host copies of the ISO file or provide instructions on how to obtain it. One of these websites is [Internet Archive], which is a non-profit digital library that preserves various forms of media and information. Internet Archive has two versions of Windows 8 Build 7989: one is the original corrupted ISO file, and the other is a fixed version with OOBE (out-of-box experience) enabled. Both versions are in x64 (64-bit) architecture and in English language. Another website that has a collection of Windows 8 development builds is [The Windows 8 build archive], which also has the fixed version of Windows 8 Build 7989 in x64 and English.

Windows 8 Build 7989 is an interesting piece of software history that shows how Microsoft experimented with different ideas and concepts for its next-generation operating system. It is also a challenging and fun experience for Windows enthusiasts who want to explore the early stages of Windows 8 development and see how it changed over time. However, Windows 8 Build 7989 is not recommended for everyday use or for any serious purposes, as it is very unstable, insecure, and unsupported by Microsoft. It should only be used in a safe environment such as a virtual machine or a spare computer.


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