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The gamma ray burst GRB 221009A flashed from a galaxy over 2 billion light-years away on Oct. 9 in what has been the most energetic such event ever observed. Gamma ray bursts are the most energetic explosions known to occur in the universe, second only to the Big Bang. They are believed to be a result of supernova explosions of dying supermassive stars. Just as the star collapses into a new-born black hole, it unleashes a beam of light that brightens up the universe for a brief period of time of a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

Mass Effect Crack Galaxy Map Fix Free 46 ((HOT))

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The galaxy in the image is called NGC 1961, and astronomers think it has a very active super massive black hole at its center that constantly spouts highly energetic beams of material into the intergalactic space.

Monday, July 18, 2022: The mirror galaxy at the center of this image is a mirage caused by a phenomenon called gravitational lensing, in which a super-massive object bends light, acting like a magnifying glass.


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