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Steamy Shower Gay ##TOP##

Onside inside, you typically undress, store your clothes, and wander to whatever amenities take your fancy. Jacuzzi, bar, open showers or steam rooms are generally the most common. Then the gay sauna cruising can begin. When you find a suitable match, well, basically everywhere here is fair game unless otherwise stated, so you can be as public or discreet as you want.

steamy shower gay

An entire section of the site is dedicated to helping people calculate their yearly savings in water costs, with a built-in web app calculator. For example, for a household in San Francisco in which 2 showers per day are taken at 10 minutes each, approximately $354.00 would be saved in water cost, equivalent to 204,400 glasses of drinking water.

Although we found ourselves sincerely enamored with this sexy, eco-friendly product, the sticker price of $649 deterred myself as a recent college graduate away from purchase (they now offer 0% APR at $109/month). Plus, even if I wanted to buy, the company was in backorder at the time, meaning I would have had to wait months for a recent prototype to arrive. So, I soon forgot about the beautiful, earth-saving showerhead, and moved on with my life.

For a single shower head set you can expect to pay slightly over $600. For two, the cost is twice this amount, and for a set of three the cost is triple (no surprise here). Although this does seem like a steep price to pay for a shower system, the estimated savings (around $300 a year if you shower twice a day at 10 minutes per shower) show that the Nebia would pay for itself in just two years, while simultaneously saving water. It also feels pretty awesome. Click here to view on Amazon.

This beautiful eco-friendly showerhead comes arrives packaged in a neat box with everything you will need for installation, including several different fit adaptors for various shower types. It also comes with instructions on how to install the Nebia shower, and the tools necessary to screw in the adaptor.

When I first installed the Nebia at my old apartment, I found that uninstalling the existing showerhead was the hardest part of the process. I lived in a brand-new apartment complex, so all the standard showerheads were super tightly screwed-in. I ended up having to lodge a screwdriver into the shower pipe once the head was off, and use this as added leverage to unscrew the pipe from the wall. Once this was off, the rest of the installation was relatively simple.

I will point out that this showerhead is probably most ideal for ones with glass doors instead of shower curtains. The reason my friend gifted me this shower head was because her shower requires a curtain instead of glass, and she said that this caused the curtain to billow into the shower and would come in contact with her while showering.

The water stream from the shower head also creates something in between a steam room and high-pressure shower vortex, so having a shower mostly enclosed by glass or other solid material would help retain the heat and moisture generated from the shower.

One thing I have noticed is that due to the way in which the Nebia showerhead splits the water into smaller particles compared to a regular shower, these particles cool off quicker when they come in contact with the room-temperature air. Therefore, I usually need to use a higher heat setting when showering to experience the same amount of heat I would with my normal showerhead. The process of water being split into these smaller particles is called atomization, and the good news is that this does a better job of filling up the air around you with water particles, coating your skin more thoroughly and efficiently compared to condensed streams you experience with normal showers.

Although I love my Nebia and I am sure that this form of shower technology will lead future design efforts, I think it only functions at its best when you have the right shower setup. Here are the following items you should consider before buying a Nebia shower:

To be honest, I have not owned the Nebia long enough at my new apartment to even receive my first water bill. According to, if you take an average of 2 showers per day at 10 minutes per shower, your savings would be about $354 per year. This would essentially pay for itself after only 2 years of use.

Did they deliver on this promise? Yes, absolutely. I look forward to showering every time I finish a gym session. However, I do not think I would enjoy this experience as much with a shower that has lower water pressure. I highly recommend making sure your water pressure is up-to-par or easy to adjust before investing in your Nebia.

Earlier today, Sandro did what he does best (well, besides baking, of course) and blessed our Twitter timelines with some incredible, thirst-worthy content in the form of a steamy, fresh-out-of-the-shower mirror selfie.

I just started getting back to the gym, working out again after a knee injury from running. As a runner, I just hit the gym for some light weights and cardio and was surprised at how many of the guys there were really into working out to become pumped up, pec'd out, six-pack ab studs. Inspiring but intimidating too. I have more of a tall lean, runners build. After about two months of going to the gym mostly in the morning, my work schedule gave more time late at night. So I started going to of the gyms in my gym network in the city didn't close until 1:00am. I'd get there around 11pm, do some cardio-workouts and weights for an hour, hit the steam shower for a few minutes than shower and go home. I noticed that a lot of the guys in the steam room were clearly checking me out as I walked in and sat down with my towel covering me up. They sat with their towels open letting it all hang out.

A couple of nights ago I got to the gym so late I only had time for a 30 minute workout, didn't even think I had time for a shower. One of the guys who was checking me out on the leg-curl machine told me that although they shut down the gym floor you still can get cleaned up. I was a little tired and could use a steam.

I smiled to myself in the shower. I couldn't believe I had just been taken, and that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had sucked a guy. I was just fucked in the ass. What would my girlfriend say? This was better than the best sex I'd had with her. Did that make me gay? Did I have to tell her? Would she like to watch? With all these thoughts rolling through my head, I met Pedro at the front desk in the gym and followed him home.

I get it, shower sex is never like it is in the movies. You get soap in your eyes, the lube washes away, and you can never seem to find a position that doesn't put you in mortal fear of slipping and spilling the contents of your skull all over the tile floor.

In short, it's a pretty difficult thing to do well... Even considering all of these things, I still think shower sex is worth the effort. If you can get it right, it is one of the most intimate, sensual, and downright sexy ways to get freaky with your partner.

Over the years I have learned a lot of lessons about fucking in the shower the hard way, and I'd like to share a few of them with you to save you the trouble, not to mention the injury, that I went through to learn them.

We've all heard the statistics about the amount of fecal matter on our toothbrushes and other bathroom items - I don't need to re-hash it here other than to say that if you're gonna fuck in the shower, you should make sure it's as clean as humanly possible before doing so.

I also managed to smack the back of my head against the shower fixture and got a nasty gash. It was horrifying, there was blood everywhere. It looked like the aftermath of a failed take on a "Psycho" porn parody shoot.

One of the reasons shower sex is never as good as it looks in the movies is because those bastards in the movies all have showers that look like scale-model replicas of the Taj Ma-freakin-hal.

Luckily, this isn't exactly a deal breaker. In fact, you can turn a small shower to your advantage! One of the things I like about shower sex is the closeness, the intimacy. If you stop thinking about the shower as cramped and start to think of it as sensually cozy, things start to look a little different.

If your partner bends over in front of you with your back to the wall, you can get some seriously powerful thrust by using the wall for leverage. Whether you are going slow or fast, you can still go hard. Shower fucking takes a little practice, and learning how to work with the quirks of your shower is a big part of getting it right.

Since the shower can be somewhat limiting to your choice of positions and activities, it's essential a few toys around to, ahem, fill in the gaps. Personally, I like to pop in an Aneros prostate stimulator while we are in the foreplay phase, just rubbing our soapy bodies together and feeling each other up. It's a great way to help you loosen up your hole and adds some seriously awesome prostate pleasure to the soapy fun-time.

I also like cock rings for shower fucking. The way soapy contact feels against my tightly packed balls and super-full, hard cock is downright irresistible. Just make sure you have all of your toys and lube ready to go before you get into the shower to avoid frantic, wet searches for toys when you should be getting freaky.

Seriously, that shit will make your ass burn, don't even think about it! That being said, choosing the right lube for a fuck session in the shower is extremely important. You're going to want to avoid water-based lubes completely because they will immediately wash away. I'm not a fan of using oil-based lubes in the shower because I have concerns about what all that oil is dong to my plumbing after it washes down the drain but if you're not worried about that, oil-based is a good way to go. Personally, I prefer a heavy-duty silicone lube like Gun Oil's premium silicone lube. It's fortified with more silicone than most other silicone lubes and also has aloe and other moisturizing agents to help keep your hole healthy and slick. The most important thing is that it has a ton of silicone, so it won't wash away and it stays slick with fewer re-applications. 041b061a72


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